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Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs)

'Cartographic Technologies Center' produces electronic navigational charts (ENCs) based on modern technologies with an annual output of 600 ENCs compliant with IHO S-57 Edition 3.1.

The technological process of creating electronic charts is constantly updated which allows to increase the capacity of production and to achieve high quality of the products. The high quality of our charts is achieved through using the software developed by the CTC and by other major producers of charts according to the recommendations of the standard IHO S-58.

The quality СTС charts has been confirmed by the experts of the state producer of ENC '280 Central Cartography Production of the Navy'. Our cartographers are experienced experts in the field of marine cartography, which guarantees high quality of the charts and the fast accomplishment of the orders of any complexity.

~~ ~~ These figures show the steps for creating an electronic charts. It is also interesting to compare the data of paper charts, ENCs, and a space image.

We are open for cooperation with organizations and companies dealing with hydrographic and cartographic issues.